Finíns Bar & Restaurant

Margaret O'Sullivan, Chef

Margaret grew up a couple of yards from Finín’s on the main street of Midleton. Coming from a farming and restaurant background, her parents had a farm in Ballyspillane. Margaret literally knows food from farm to fork! Starting in Finín's in December, 1979, working in the kitchen making scones, breads and desserts on a daily basis. Margaret says that Finín has very high standards and expects the same from his staff. The quality of his food never changes and is very good value for money. He values the loyalty of his customers and welcomes them in the traditional Irish fashion. Working in Finín’s, Margaret enjoys the atmosphere and surroundings including the lovely collection of paintings by local artists such as Tom Walsh, and Peter Collis.

Liam O'Brien, Chef

Liam has been with Finín's since the age of 14, getting his first taste for his profession. Taking a brief break from Finín's, Liam trained in the Cork Institute of Technology and worked in Germany. He looks forward to continuing on his work with Finín's.

Noreen O'Gorman, Manager

Noreen has worked at Finín’s for 33 years. When she is not 'on duty', she enjoys visiting other establishments, although, like a true professional she finds herself comparing places to Finín’s. She believes there is no other place like it. Locally sourced food made from a spotless kitchen with no corners cut. Finín's success story according to Noreen is first class consistency.